Summer Living and Recipes

Summer brings freshness, flavor, and creativity to meals. It’s the perfect time to explore flavors. Browse tasty recipes for vibrant salads (try Beet and Mango Salad with Citrus Dressing), flavorful dinners (try Lentil Burgers), cool desserts (try Blackberry Ice Cream), and more!

Need a dish for a picnic, hosting BBQ, or going to a potluck? Try Creamy Coleslaw or spice it up with a Chipotle Coleslaw. Make an Easy Potato Salad or create Pesto Potato Salad. Capture the sunshine and sea with Zucchini Crab Cakes, or make Mediterranean Falafels.

Toss together these creative, easy-to-make, and delicious salads.

Easily whip up fresh pasta recipes for dinner or lunch!

You won’t be able to get enough of these delicious Pizzas. Impress your guests or have a pizza for family night!

You’re in for a treat this summer! Enjoy the tastiest Ice cream, sorbets, cheesecakes, cool desserts, and desserts with fruits.

Summer and vegan burgers just seem to go together! They are great for quick dinners, on-the-go, and backyard gatherings. You’ll never get bored of them with all these flavors to try!

Tacos are perfect for summer because they don’t require much cooking to create a meal to get excited about. Try these fresh ideas!

Treat your meals and guests to delicious appetizers! Whether you are having a garden party, a sit down dinner, or want to give friends or family something to nosh on while the vegan burgers are being made at a barbeque, you’ll love these recipes.

Need a bit of inspiration for your next brunch? Browse incredibly tasty and easy-to-make vegan recipes. Find fluffy pancakes, savory quiches, fruit crostata, muffins, spreads, granola, sides and more for a super memorable summer brunch!

Browse through good vegan things to enjoy and inspire you everyday.