Issue 1 – Summer

Kindness Love Stories

Alfie & Xander – Lean on Me

Alfie (white goat) and Xander (black goat) were both rescued from situations of severe neglect. Since his rescue, Alfie has become a strong, confident leader among the goats. He is the boss, and he makes sure everyone knows it. He’ll even remind you with a headbutt if you forget who’s in charge! Xander, on the other hand, struggles with his confidence. He is timid among newcomers and often isolates himself in a corner during times of stress. Alfie helps his friend Xander gain confidence by supporting him in difficult situations. Whenever Xander has to try a new treatment or meet a new person, Alfie is always by his side, giving him the support he needs to be successful. Xander knows that he always has a friend he can lean on for support.

Lucky & Domino – First Friendship

Domino (tall white cow) was rescued from deplorable conditions on a supposedly “free range” farm. Lucky (black cow) was isolated his entire life, and raised for slaughter on a small Colorado ranch. Before his rescue, Lucky had never met another cow – not even his mother, as she died giving birth to him. While being raised for slaughter on the small ranch, Lucky was desperate for love and attention. Luckily, the land was located adjacent to a popular walking path. Lucky would call out over the fence to passersby, beckoning them to come see him. He would walk the length of the fence with people, lick and hug them over the fence, run and jump along the path. He was so desperate for love and attention that he called out to anyone who would listen – even if they were a different species than him. After a few months, he became so famous in the small community that people would go to the path just to visit the mysterious friendly cow that “acted more like a dog.” When the community found out that he was destined for slaughter, they came together in one grand act of compassion to convince the rancher to release him to a local sanctuary. This photograph captures one of the first moments that Lucky ever met another cow.