Issue 1 – Summer

 4. I love this method of creating a string of hearts with creams and sauces. To me, it brings the visceral emotions I feel when preparing a meal to the surface. Start by evenly placing dots of the tarragon cream onto the surface of the soup. Next, take a skewer or a toothpick and drag it in a curved line through the center of each dot. 

Vegan Focus: What are some examples of pops of color you utilize in your plant-based dishes?

Chef Montelbano: Pops of color can include pickled red onions, shaved beauty heart or purple daikon radish, amaranth or sorrel microgreens, berries or citrus fruits. We have an abundance of foods we can eat as plant-based eaters, so I like to really show it off with a variety of colors in each dish.

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