Issue 1 – Summer

Vegan Focus Magazine – Summer – Issue 1 – Table of Contents

Vegan Food Styling: Create Irresistible Dishes

Chef Lauren Montelbano gives step-by-step tips and instructions on how to create two irresistible vegan dishes and turn them into irresistible, Instagram worthy, vegan dishes.

Keep You and Your Pet Cool this Summer!

Don’t let scorching summer temperatures put a damper on your enjoyment! Keep yourself and your furry friend cool and comfortable with these tips.

Delicious Vegan Food: Bringing People Together

Kyong Weathersby shares recipes for delicious burgers, salads, pickles, and cookies to have at your next gathering or picnic.

Make Pizza Delicious with these Recipes and Tips

Chef Nick Stroot shares how to make amazing vegan pizza and homemade pizza crust. Bonus includes top pizza making tips and Nick’s favorite summer pizza.

24 Summer Garden to Table Recipes

The top twelve favorite things for gardeners to grow are featured and given spotlight. The recipes feature the main garden ingredient to enjoy this summer.

Small Acts of Kindness Make a Big Difference

Emma Schwarz, of Veganography, shares her journey into kindness, offers tips for bringing kindness into your daily life, and shares some heartwarming stories of animal rescues.

Impress Your Guests: Craft a Charcuterie Board

Jenelle Cruz, owner of a B & B, shows you how to put together an impressive appetizer Charcuterie board for your guests.

Throw a Spectacular Garden Party

It’s time to celebrate in style amidst the beauty of nature! How to plan a garden party and theme ideas to spark your creativity.