Issue 1 – Summer

The Story of Kindness

Did you know that small acts of kindness can make a big difference? You may have heard this saying or something similar, but have you truly experienced the profound impact of these words? Allow me to introduce you to someone who has: Emma Schwarz. Alongside her partner, John Burton, they established Veganography to capture and showcase the tangible effects of such acts.

Kindness is a deeply personal and individualistic trait, yet it is also a quality that encourages us to think beyond ourselves. It prompts us to step outside of our comfort zones, opening doors to new possibilities. Acts of kindness may lead us to remarkable journeys. Discover, during this interview, the inspiring story of Emma Schwarz, whose life has been profoundly shaped by kindness. Then read about the stories she helps to document and share that bring people to care about kindness.

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