Cooking and Living by Season

Eating in season provides fresher, tastier, and healthier meals. Connecting with the cycles of nature assists sustainable living. Every season offers creative and memorable opportunities. Browse and find inspiration and ideas here.

Spring Living

Flourishing Inspiration made simple!

Enjoy fresh blooms, vibrant greens, plant-based delights– a vegan awakening!

Bowl of Vegan Broccoli Pesto Soup garnished with pesto and cream swirls, and fresh basil leaves

Best Vegan Broccoli Pesto Soup

Enjoy a bowl of healthy goodness by making this vegan broccoli pesto soup. This plant-based soup is bursting with vibrant flavors and full of simple and nutritious ingredients. It’s a beautiful example of how easy and healthy vegan cooking can be. This easy-to-make soup recipe, with the aromatic flavor of pesto and the comforting warmth…
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Summer Living

Fresh Inspiration made simple!

Cherish sun-kissed harvests, juicy fruits, cruelty-free sizzles–vegan summer bliss!

A wrapper filled with potato wedges and garnished with herbs. Background has dipping sauce and parsley.

Easy Potato Wedges

Easy Potato Wedges are the ultimate comfort food. These baked wedges are crispy, gluten-free and offer a delightful healthier version that’s both easy and satisfying. Simple to prepare and bursting with irresistible, roasted goodness, they’re the perfect side dish or snack for any occasion. With just a handful of ingredients you can enjoy these food…
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Fall Living

Thankful Inspiration made simple!

Grateful for earthy tones, hearty roots, spice-infused warmth–a vegan autumn embrace!

Four Cranberry Sauce Crostini garnished with rosemary

Cranberry Sauce Crostini

Enjoy a delightful holiday appetizer with our Cranberry Sauce Crostini recipe. This versatile dish combines the sweetness of cranberry sauce and the creaminess of vegan feta or cream cheese (or your preferred cheese) on perfectly toasted, crispy bread. These crostini can be prepared in advance and assembled just before serving. Customize your crostini with fresh…
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Winter Living

Cozy Inspiration made simple!

Embrace cozy soups, comforting flavors, nature’s warmth–a vegan winter retreat!

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