Cooking and Living by Season

Eating in season provides fresher, tastier, and healthier products. Connect with the cycles of nature and sustainable living, Each unique season offers creative and memorable opportunities. Find inspiration and capture ideas for every season here.

Spring Living

Flourishing Inspiration made simple!

Enjoy fresh blooms, vibrant greens, plant-based delights– a vegan awakening!

A slice of vegan Irish Apple Cake on a plate. Full Apple Cake and an apple in background.

Vegan Irish Apple Cake

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day or any occasion with vegan Irish Apple Cake. Dive into the heartwarming flavors. The richness of this dairy-free Irish cake has warm spices and delicious apple flavor. These tasty treats promise a fluffy and moist texture, made easy with simple ingredients and the addition of real apple pieces. Everyone will love…
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Summer Living

Fresh Inspiration made simple!

Cherish sun-kissed harvests, juicy fruits, cruelty-free sizzles–vegan summer bliss!

Three vegan Chocolate Raspberry layered parfaits desserts in glasses with a spoon

Chocolate Raspberry Layered Parfaits

These stacked Chocolate Raspberry Layered Parfaits are a treat, of perfect balance, of creamy richness and flavorful freshness. The layers of bright raspberry and rich chocolate are layered with vegan whipped cream. These visually stunning desserts can be made, and ready to chill, In about 20 to 30 minutes. Make them ahead of time for…
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Fall Living

Thankful Inspiration made simple!

Grateful for earthy tones, hearty roots, spice-infused warmth–a vegan autumn embrace!

Four Cranberry Sauce Crostini garnished with rosemary

Cranberry Sauce Crostini

Enjoy a delightful holiday appetizer with our Cranberry Sauce Crostini recipe. This versatile dish combines the sweetness of cranberry sauce and the creaminess of vegan feta or cream cheese (or your preferred cheese) on perfectly toasted, crispy bread. These crostini can be prepared in advance and assembled just before serving. Customize your crostini with fresh…
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Winter Living

Cozy Inspiration made simple!

Embrace cozy soups, comforting flavors, nature’s warmth–a vegan winter retreat!

Large bowl of vegan Cajun potato salad - garnished with parsley and herbs

Vegan Cajun Potato Salad

The spicy and tangy flavors of our Vegan Cajun Potato Salad will delight everyone’s taste buds. Tender red potatoes are perfectly coated in the creamy Cajun-infused sauce, which has an excellent mix of vegan mayonnaise, veggies, herbs and special spices. This recipe for Cajun Potato Salad is sure to please any crowd, whether it is…
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