Issue 1 – Summer

How to Make a Vegan Charcuterie Board

Create a memorable experience for your guests by crafting an exquisite cheese board that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, game night, or celebrating a special occasion, delight your attendees with a beautifully arranged appetizer that showcases an enticing selection of cheeses.

Jenelle Cruz gives you her seven steps for creating an appetizing charcuterie board that will leave your guests impressed!

Step 1

Choose the perfect serving surface. If you don’t have a board specifically for this purpose, you my have a pretty cutting board, serving platter or large plate.

Step 2

Showcase a variety of vegan cheeses: Select 3-4 vegan cheeses with different flavor profiles to be the star of the show. Arrange them as the first layer and build around them with other ingredients.

Step 3

Add dips and spreads. Enhance the flavors by including dips and spreads like mustard or hummus. Small dishes and shot glasses make great serving vessels for these additions.

Step 4

Embrace pickled elements: Add a tangy twist by including pickled elements such as stuffed olives, which provide a burst of flavor and texture.

Step 5

Think beyond bread and crackers: While bread and crackers are classic choices, consider incorporating other options for spreading. I always include a baguette warmed in the oven a few minutes before slicing. Additionally, I include sliced cucumber, apples or pear which are great for spreading cheese on. They also add variety and color to the board.

Step 6

Fill in the gaps: Aim for a visually appealing board with minimal empty space. Use nuts, toasted seeds, dried fruits, and chocolate squares as gap fillers to create an abundant and enticing display. Roasted or spiced nuts can add a delightful crunch and enhance the overall experience.

Step 7

Don’t forget the garnishes. Garnishes add an element of fancy and make the board inviting.. Sprigs of fresh herbs, lavender or edible flowers are garnishes I usually have in the garden.

Variety is Key

Add flavor with condiments: Offer a selection of flavorful condiments such as fruit preserves, chutneys, or caramelized onions. These pairings add a delightful burst of flavor.

Add other fresh fruits and vegetables.: Alongside the sliced cucumber, and apples and pears, consider adding grapes, figs, berries, or cherry tomatoes. These provide a pop of color and offer a refreshing and juicy contrast.

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