Issue 1 – Summer

Summer is the perfect season for delicious vegan food and bringing people together. Embracing the vegan lifestyle, and all of its many benefits happens easily in the summertime. Whether you’re enjoying picnics, potlucks, or family gatherings, the warm weather provides an excellent opportunity. It brings people together through delicious and healthy plant-based meals. Kyong Weathersby is a longtime vegan, health educator, and author of nine cookbooks. She will show you how to easily create vegan dishes that are perfect for summer outings and gatherings.

The Joy of Sharing Delicious Vegan Food and Creating Connections

Through sharing the deliciousness of vegan food, we can show others just how fulfilling and satisfying a plant-based lifestyle can be. Kyong Weathersby offers a vegan recipes that are nourishing for your body. They also will be inspiring for those around you. From hearty veggie burgers to hearty salads, these dishes are sure to impress and satisfy any crowd.

So why not grab your picnic blanket, or set up some tables and chairs, and enjoy a summer filled with vibrant and satisfying vegan meals? By sharing these delicious dishes with others, we can spread the message of plant-based living and inspire others to embrace this lifestyle as well.

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